Popular Restaurants in Logan, Utah

Are you oh-hum about the same fast food and chain restaurants you frequent? Are looking for some new places to eat in Logan, Utah?  Well, did you know there are many local restaurants here in Logan that would knock your socks off? I am going to give you a list of a bunch of popular restaurants in Logan, Utah.  For such a small town in distance, Logan is quite packed with both large chain restaurants down the strip and gems somehow hidden very close to that that same strip. These “gems” I am talking about are usually little places existing just off the beaten path that are locally-owned and serve authentic ethnic or hometown food, and the food and atmosphere are well worth your effort to find them.

Some of the best restaurants in Logan, Utah

You’ve heard of Off Broadway? Well, try Off Main!

crumb brotherCrumb Brothers Artisan Bread 291 S 300 W (435) 753-0875

Cuisine:  artisan breads, pastries, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast items

Ambience: Rustic
Known For: artisan breads

Specialty: Polenta Jack Bread
Customer Favorite: Ciabatta Fried Egg Bun breakfast sandwich

Hint: They run out of bread by 3 p.m.

ibisCaffe Ibis 52 Federal Ave (runs E/W between Main and 100 E, at about 50 N), (435) 753-4777

Cuisine: Coffee, breakfast

Ambience: Hipster hangout
Known For: Organic Coffee, roasted locally

Specialty: Mocha and Flavored Lattes
Customer Favorite: Hemp milk, breakfast burritos

Hint: Sometimes live music
Comment: humanely raised meat, environmentally

conscious; vegetarian and gluten-free options

herms innHerm’s Inn 1435 E Canyon Rd (from Main St., head East on Center, Left on Canyon Rd, and it’s 1.7 mi down the road) (435) 792-4321

Cuisine: Breakfast and brunch

Ambience: Fun, casual
Known For: $5 PIzza-sized Cinnamon Swirl Pancake

Specialty: Sandwiches

Customer Favorite: Their daily Mac-n-Cheese special

Hint: Always very busy, especially Saturdays, and

they do not take reservations. Get there at least an hour

early. Not open for dinner.

Comment: Well worth the crazy long wait to get in!


logans heroesLogan’s Heroes 101 S Main St. (435) 750-0110

Cuisine: Lunch

Ambience: Friendly
Known For: Generous Sub Sandwich

Specialty: Sub Sandwiches and Gyros
Customer Favorite: Beef Pastrami or Turkey Pastrami Sandwich

Hint: Accept only cash or check. If planning on stopping in for dinner, call ahead, because they only stay open until they run out of bread.
Comment: The owner is an amazing, nice, funny man with

an incredible memory!


Great Harvest Bread 55 W. Center (435) 787-4442

Cuisine: Breads, Bakery, Lunch

Ambience: Country Bakery

Known For: Wholesome sandwiches on freshly baked bread

Specialty: Tasty, flavorful breads
Customer Favorite: Swede Turkey Pesto Sandwich

Hint: When making a purchase, you may have a free sample of various breads and sweets

bj bucketsBJ Buckets Ice Cream Company 55 W. Center (behind Great Harvest) (435) 535-3076

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Ambience: Charming, colorful retro-1950’s French Cafe
Known For: Farr Better Ice Cream and Cutest Shop in town!

Specialty: Best shakes in town & sundaes

Customer Atmosphere & Shakes

bj buckets sundaeHint: 10% off at register for going to and knowing the weekly trivia from the Specials page. Another 10% off for “checking in” on your FB status and Liking BJ Buckets page and showing to cashier.
Comment: M-F 11:30a-1p Firehouse Pizza made fresh and served by the slice. Great lunch deals for $5. Winter offers delicious vegetarian soup and hot cocoa floats.






oven in loganTandoori Oven 720 E. 1000 N. (435) 750-6836

Cuisine: Indian

Ambience: Nice enough to dress nicely for, incl. low lighting. It’s hard to believe it is located in a gas station.
Known For: Authentic Indian food, especially Indian curry dishes

Specialty: Tandoori-style meats and vegetables. (Tandoori is a traditional Indian oven.)

Customer Favorite: Tandoori Lamb and Naan (Indian-style flatbread)

Hint: To avoid the crowd, go Thursday 9-11 p.m.
Comment: Lassi (a yogurt drink) is very good


The Thai House 51 W. 200 S. (435) 752-9169

Cuisine: Authentic Thai

Ambience: Inviting for families or large groups

Known For: Tasty authentic Thai food

Specialty: Pad Kee Pao (drunken noodle)
Customer Favorite: Pad Thai

Hint: Closed from 3:30-4:30pm
Comment: They ask you to rate your spicy level from 1-5

cafe saborCafe Sabor 600 W Center St, (435) 752-8088

Cuisine: Cal-Tex Mex

Ambience: Located in an old railroad station, casual

Known For: Best Traditional Americanized Mexican food

Specialty: Shrimp dishes
Customer Favorite: Carne Asada

Hint: Wanting more warm tortillas? Just ask. They are free.

Comment: Patio seating, starting late spring, is

wonderful. Rice and beans are made vegetarian.



LeNooneLeNonne 129 N. 100 E. (435) 752-9577

Cuisine: Italian dinner

Ambience: Romantic in a lovely, quaint, refurbished house
Known For: Authentic Italian food

Specialty: King Crab Ravioli
Customer Favorite: Shrimp or Crab Ravioli

Hint: Live music on Wednesday and Friday
Comment: Lighted porch seating available




Mundos Italian Grill 1111 N. 800 E. (435) 753-2611

Cuisine: Italian

Ambience: Food Court – style, with huge TV
Known For: Hearty portions

Specialty:Aggie Rolls and sweet Jalapeno Jelly

Customer Favorite: Aggie Rolls, pork burritos

Hint: Order your burrito “smothered” – so worth the price!
Comment:  Fish Tacos (very good) are on special on Fridays


Morty cafeMorty’s Cafe 780 E. 700 N. (435) 535-3276

Cuisine: Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads

Ambience: Modern, with 2 tiers of rooftop/balcony seating
Known For: Fries

Specialty: Burgers
Customer Favorite: Spring Strawberry Quinoa Salad

Hint: The rooftop/balcony seating looks over the Cache Valley and is lovely!
Comment: Across the street from USU field




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