Why is BJ Buckets your Go-To for Ice Cream in Logan, Utah?

outside the bucketsThere are so many reasons you should choose BJ Buckets in Logan, UT!

The location is phenomenal! (55 West Center, Suite 103) Downtown makes it convenient for walking across the street before or after attending a concert or show at the Opera, Stage Theaters, or Tabernacle, and BJ Buckets is open late to accommodate theater patrons who want a treat after the show.


Today you are stopping in on your way to the early matinee movies. Driving on the lane between Waffle Iron and Great Harvest, you see BJ Buckets on the left, it’s striped eaves and colored cafe outdoor seating under a couple of trees. Parking spaces come right up to the walk in front ot the store, a large parking lot opens in front of you, and just ahead and to the left there’s a whole ‘nother parking lot. This means we have plenty of convenient parking available.


bjbuckets tacoYou get out of your car, walk past the adorable porch seating, and walk through the front doors of BJ Buckets. The sweet smell of freshly baking waffle cones greets you first, inviting you in further. The store has an old-fashioned parlor look, with a blue and white striped wall lined with jars of candy, bright, charming colors on the walls, and a chalkboard menu board. You hear modern, family-friendly upbeat music, and you notice a game spinner, causing intrigue. There is a joke bucket for young children in the corner. The words “charming”, “cute” decor and “fun” atmosphere keep popping into your head.


You are greeted by a friendly employee, ready to be of service. The regular servings are known as Kid Bucket, Single Bucket, Double Bucket, and Big Ol’ Bucket.inside bjbuckets Although the Kid Bucket holds the amount of ice cream for a toddler, that toddler is excited to be able to choose two different flavors and get two 1-oz scoops all to himself.


Adults enjoy knowing that most of the ice cream served at BJ Buckets is from Farr’s, a local ice cream company that is well-known for their superior flavor.  BJ Buckets offers some unique and delicious flavors. You have several flavors you are interested in tasting and are surprised to find out that, while the Single Bucket includes four 1-oz scoops, you don’t have to stick to only one flavor. You can choose two or even four flavors in the same single-serving bucket.


You notice there are flyers in clear counter frames and notice that shakes seem to be a popular item at BJ Buckets. BJ Buckets is the only place in town to offer hard-scooped ice cream shakes. Every flavor in the dipping cabinet can be made into a shake! Some people enjoy combining two of their favorite ice creams for their shake. BJ Buckets offers malt, for those that like the taste of malt balls, which gives the shake an additional rich flavor. One flyer makes suggestions of combinations for specialty shakes. Specialty shakes include more than one flavor, whether it be two different flavors of ice cream or toppings stirred in for a nominal extra price.



ice cream counter

The friendly employee offers you a couple of flavor samples. You taste the sweetness of the PineappleDole Whip (a non-dairy soft serve from Oahu, best known as a Disneyland dessert) and the richness of the Salted Caramel ice cream.


You see a picture on the wall of some ice cream on a cookie and ask about it. The employee explainsthatthe picture is Brody’s Cookie brody cookieCreation. BJ Buckets offers several unique ice cream creations. Another is ice cream on a brownie, and the brownie can be warmed for you. BJ Buckets is the only place in town that offers an ice cream taco. Homemade waffle cone taco shells are filled with 3 scoops of your flavor of ice cream and a topping of your choice. Date Night Bucket is made for two adults to share. A cookie or brownie in our largest bucket with a double bucket of ice cream on either side.


You ask, “So, you make sundaes here?”, and the employee answers in the affirmative and shows you the glass ice cream cups for the large and regular sundaes, then shows a picture of a Clown Sundae and explains that while it is available anytime for just $2.80, it is free to anybody whose birthday it is when accompanied by an order of at least $5 by their group!


pizza ovenYou notice a flyer by the register with a picture of pizza, and you comment, “You have other foods besides ice cream?” The employee tells you about how we offer Firehouse PIzza, baked fresh at our store, and how Firehouse Pizza gave us an oven and their ingredients to make fresh when you order it in Pepperoni or Hawaiian. During colder months we offer hot cocoa, and hot cocoa floats, which is when a scoop of any flavor ice cream is added to the hot cocoa. During the coldest months we offer delicious vegan soup. During lunch hours, you can buy pizza by the slice, and there’s a Lunch Special that includes a slice of pizza, a soft drink, and a Single Bucket of ice cream all for $4.99.


You decide you like the Lunch Special, but was wondering if it can be switched out. The employee explains that if you order a main dish, drink, and dessert, you can get the same 10%10% off discount for the Lunch Deal. You order two slices of pizza,, a 16 oz Cookie Dough shake with added malt, and a chocolate chip cookie. You get your 10% discount, then are offered an additional discount of 10% if you “check in” with BJ Buckets in your Facebook status and “Like” BJ Buckets page. A double discount? You take it!


Your lunch satisfied your senses of taste. Something sweet, something savory, something smooth, something crunchy, something hot, and something cold. You are full, satisfied, and realize that for the same amount you would probably have spent on snacks at the movies, you just had a full, satisfying lunch and have no room nor desire for more, and surprising even to you, this thought and your experience with BJ Buckets puts a smile on your face!


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Store Address: 55 West Center Street, Suite 103 , Logan, UT 84341